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Academic Spotlight: Emergency Services

The emergency services programs at PUC prepare students to be leaders and highly skilled professionals in the emergency and fire responder fields. If you’re considering a career in the fire service, law enforcement, disaster relief, or emergency medical services, a degree in emergency services from PUC may be for you. 

 Programs offered:

  • A.S. in Emergency Services
  • B.S. in Emergency Management

 A Faculty’s Perspective

“By far my favorite thing at PUC is the people I have the opportunity to interact with every day. I love my students! They keep me on my toes. My co-workers have been so inviting and supportive. What more could you ask for?” – Matthew Russell, instructor of emergency services

Fast Facts 

  1. PUC’s emergency services program educates students who are seeking a two-year or four-year degree to prepare them for a wide variety of careers within the field of emergency services. Students interested in becoming EMTs and paramedics can take the A.S. degree route, while those wanting a management level position can continue on with the B.S. degree. 
  2. Training and volunteer emergency service opportunities are available to PUC EMS students at the Angwin Volunteer Fire Department. Students can gain real-life experience while still in school and also give their careers a head start! Read “Choose Your Own PUC Adventure: Be a Volunteer Firefighter” to get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to volunteer with the AVFD. 
  3. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates emergency services professions will be among the fastest-growing fields in the U.S. through at least 2026. Employment of EMTs and paramedics is projected to grow rapidly, at about 15 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than the average for all occupations, with a median pay of $34,320 in 2018. For emergency management directors, employment is projected to grow at around 8 percent or about as fast as average for all occupations, and the median pay for those occupations was $74,420 in 2018. 

What You Can Do With This Major

There are a variety of different careers available for students interested in the essential intersection of healthcare and public service.

  • Emergency dispatcher
  • Emergency management coordinator
  • EMT/ambulance driver
  • Firefighter
  • Homeland security officer
  • Hospital/community emergency preparedness 

Learn more about the emergency services program at puc.edu/academics. Our team of admissions counselors can answer any questions you have about PUC’s EMS program, or the other majors the college offers. Call (800) 862-7080, option 2 or email admissions@puc.edu to get connected with a counselor now and start learning about all the options available to you!

#FacultyFriday: Meet Matthew Russell

This week’s #FacultyFriday introduces us to Matthew Russell, who joined the department of nursing and health sciences as an instructor of emergency services and emergency management last year. Mr. Russell is a great addition to PUC’s EMS program and the PUC campus in general, with licenses and certificates in a variety of rescue areas. He’s a perfect fit for a campus with such potential for outdoor education.

Name: Matthew Russell    
Title: Instructor of emergency services and emergency management
Email: mrussell@puc.edu
Faculty since: 2016

Classes taught: Public Safety System Design, Emergency Medical Practicum, EMT Lab, Health Education Practicum, Public Health, Fundamentals of Swift Water Rescue, Fundamentals of Technical Rescue, Emergency Scene Management

Education: Bachelor’s degree in international rescue and relief, from Union College, 2014; master’s in education, from Southern Adventist University, 2016  

What made you decide to be a teacher?
I chose to become a teacher because I am passionate about learning and I want to share that joy with others. I chose to teach emergency services and emergency management because that is where my skill set and passion lies. There is nothing better than going to work excited about what you will be sharing with the students that day.

What are some of your hobbies?
The majority of my hobbies revolve around the outdoors. I love swimming, downhill skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, whitewater kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, SCUBA diving, mountain unicycling, and all manner of outdoor adventures. I love the people I have the opportunity to meet and the beautiful places these sports take me every weekend.

What’s something people might be surprised to know about you?
I kayaked the Colorado River 16 days through the Grand Canyon.

What’s your favorite thing about PUC?
By far my favorite thing at PUC is the people I have the opportunity to interact with every day. I love my students! They keep me on my toes. My co-workers have been so inviting and supportive. What more could you ask for?

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
Definitely the Dining Commons! It’s where the food and the people are!

What’s your favorite song?
Lately Brad Paisley’s “Last Time for Everything” has been bounding through my brain. I don’t know why, it just has.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
Be BOLD! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Step out and take each day with a smile. Smiles are free after all!

Interested in learning more about PUC’s emergency services program? Visit puc.edu/admissions!

All About PUC’s Emergency Services Program

By Levi GoreLevi Gore
PUC Emergency Services program

Greetings! My name is Levi and I am one of the instructors in the Emergency Services program here at PUC. I have worked in the Nursing Department and Emergency Services program since 2009 after having worked as a registered nurse in the emergency room and intensive care unit as well as serving as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician (EMT). I graduated from PUC with my BS in Nursing and have recently completed an MS in Nursing with an emphasis in Family Nurse Practitioner. Currently, I teach classes ranging from Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC) and Technical Rescue, as well as clinical nursing instruction for the AS nursing program. Enough about me though. I am excited to tell you a little about our program and the new Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency ServicesEMS 3

Our Emergency Services program consists of an AS and BS degree with an emphasis placed on public safety leadership and management. The AS focuses primarily on obtaining entry level medical and rescue skills (EMT and technical rescue) with the BS focusing on leadership and management skills. The degrees are set up so that the first two years of the BS degree is the AS degree – therefore students can graduate twice! Whether you stop at the AS or continue for the BS, our goal is to give you a strong foundation of medical and leadership skills to prepare you for a job in the emergency services/public safety realm. I encourage you to go to our website (esp.puc.edu) and look at the full range of classes that are a part of the degrees.

So, if you are thinking of heading towards a career in the fire service, emergency medical services, law enforcement but will need/would like a college degree in a related field, or if you are thinking of going to medical school, then the BS in Emergency Services might just be the perfect fit! Should you decide that this might be a good fit for you, here are some things to remember as you prepare to head to PUC:

  1. Breathe. Air is important and when stressed, some people tend to forget this point.
  2. Look at getting CPR certified in BLS for Healthcare Providers through AHA before coming to PUC, which will help streamline your first quarter (Go to heart.org for a list of classes).
  3. Once at PUC, develop a support network of friends in the major so you can study together and experience training together.
  4. Exercise. It’s good for you.
  5. Finally, spend time in daily reflection as it will help clear your mind and help you prepare for what the day brings.


Again, PUC is so excited to offer this new BS degree and I look forward to meeting you in person. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact either Enrollment Services (enroll@puc.edu) or myself (esp@puc.edu) and we will be happy to help in any way we can. You can also check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PUCEmergencyServices.