A Website Created Just For You!

As a high school senior, there’s a lot to keep track of when applying to colleges. In an attempt to make things easier for you, if you request information or apply to PUC, you will be given a personal PUC site that has a wealth of information on it, based upon what you tell us you’re interested in.

Personal Site 1

This site comes equiped with everything you could possibly need to help you become a PUC student. Along with information about your major, photos and videos of campus, you can learn about PUC’s study abroad opportunities, scholarships, varsity and intramurals sports, and so much more! You can also find links to follow PUC’s social media accounts or live chat with someone from our Enrollment Services office (business hours only) if you need help with anything, as well as access an application checklist to help you stay on track with the documents you need to submit.

The more information you provide us in your application or inquiry, the more you’ll learn whether PUC is the right fit for you. If you would like your own personal PUC site, fill out an inquiry form at explore.puc.edu or you can apply at apply.puc.edu – our application is always free!

We look forward to getting to know you!

Come See PUC on the Road!

Fair map 1

Fall travel season is already in full swing for PUC’s Enrollment Services office! Our counselors will be at over 100 college fairs across the country between now and Thanksgiving, and we would love a chance to meet and share about PUC with you! We’re looking forward to answering your questions about our academic programs, scholarships, financial aid, spiritual life on campus, social events, and so much more. We recommend reading our post “How to be a College Fair Pro” for a few tips on how to make the most out of your college fair experience.

We’ve already been at several fairs this month, but here’s a list of all the places we’re planning to be the next few weeks. (Please note, to view the images below at a higher resolution, please click the images.)

Fairs 1


Fairs 2

For more information, you can contact the Enrollment Services office at 800.862.7080 option 2 or email enroll@puc.eduWe hope to see you on the road!

Editor’s Note: Fair times, fair location, and our involvement is subject to change without notice.

Have a Question? Chat Us!

These days, it seems like nobody talks on the phone anymore. In our fast-paced world, it’s much easier to pull out your phone and quickly text someone than it is to dial their number, wait to see whether or not they answer, and if they aren’t available, leave them a voicemail they likely won’t listen to. Last spring, in an effort to keep up with the times, our office unveiled an online chat service on our Admissions website where you can ask questions and quickly get an answer from an Enrollment Counselor or our Communications Specialist. We’re happy to help!


Look for the chat button to pop up when you’re on our Admissions website.

Here’s a short list of suggested questions to ask if you aren’t sure where to begin:

  1. I’m interested in attending PUC, how do I get started?
  2. What’s the status of my application?
  3. I was just accepted – what do I do next?
  4. How do I look for scholarships?
  5. What classes will I be taking for my major?
  6. What’s there to do in the area around PUC?
  7. What events does the Student Association have on-campus during the week?
  8. What intramurals sports does PUC offer?
  9. What is the campus spiritual life like? What can I get involved with?
  10. Do I have to live in the dorms? If so, what’s dorm life like?

Don’t be shy! Please feel free to chat us with any questions you have. We staff our chat service from 8:30 AM – 5 PM Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays from 8:30 AM – 1 PM. If you would like to contact us through more traditional methods, you can email enroll@puc.edu or give us a call at 800.862.7080 option 2.

Welcome to Campus!

JRRogersOn behalf of the faculty, staff, and students at Pacific Union College, I want to welcome all the new students to our campus!


It’s been a long road but you’re finally here! The Enrollment team and I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to work with each of you over this past year, and we couldn’t be more proud. The best part of our job, and what makes our crazy travel schedules worth it, is getting to know you. The personal connections we have with each of you make us invested in you and we’re excited to see the difference you’ll make to our PUC community these next four years.

As you begin to arrange your dorm room and get acquainted with your fellow classmates and the campus, please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it! Your deans and RAs are great resources, as is the Class of 2018 Facebook group. You will meet your advisor this week as well, and they will be your main resource for making sure you’re on track to complete your degree. Lastly, your Financial Counselor will be your lifeline as you navigate through finances.

Here are a few links to a few helpful things as you prepare to land on-campus:

The schedule for New Student Orientation
A map of PUC’s campus
PUC’s mobile app, available for iPhones and iPads only

I want to personally thank you for being an amazing class and allowing us the pleasure of helping you on your journey to PUC. On behalf of the Enrollment office, we wish you the best this year!

God bless,

J.R. Rogers
Director of Recruitment
Enrollment Services
800.862.7080 option 2

The Basics of Your WebAdvisor Account

I’m sure you’ve heard your Enrollment Counselor talk about WebAdvisor, or you may have read about it in your acceptance packet or in various emails from the Admissions office. However, some of you might not have a clue what WebAdvisor actually is or how to use it. This is for you!

WebAdvisor is the program you’ll use to register for classes, check grades, and communicate with your advisor. (If you haven’t set your account up yet, go to webadvisor.puc.edu to get started and click “Create New Account.”) It will become a big part of your life as a PUC student, and this post will help you understand the basics.

WebAdvisor Opening Screen

This is the homepage of your WebAdvisor account. There are several important things you’re able to get to from this screen:

  • Update your current mailing address (Click “Address Change”)
  • Check whether you’re financially cleared (Click “Financial aid status by term”)
  • Check what documents the Admissions, Health Services, and Student Finance offices have received for you (Click “My Documents”)
  • See whether you have any holds on your account (Click “View Restrictions”)
  • Register for classes* (Click “Search / Register for Sections”)
  • Order your textbooks from the PUC Bookstore (Click “Order Textbooks”)
  • View what classes you’re currently registered for (Click “My class schedule”)
  • Change your major (Click “Academic Program Change Request”)
  • Register your car and get a PUC parking permit (Click “Online Vehicle Registration”)

*Note: All incoming freshmen must register for their fall quarter classes with their Enrollment Counselor.

WebAdvisor My Documents

Clicking “My Documents” on the homepage takes you to this screen, where you can see exactly what documents have been received and if any are missing for the Admissions, Health Services, and Student Finance offices.

WebAdvisor Order Textbooks

Clicking “Order Textbooks” on the homepage takes you to this screen, where you can order your textbooks from the PUC Bookstore.

Note: Required books are necessary for each class, while recommended texts are suggested by your professor to enhance your understanding of a subject.

If you have any problems with your WebAdvisor account, contact our IT Department at helpdesk@puc.edu or at 707.965.7000.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pacific Union College

Chances are, you already know some facts about Pacific Union College. Yes, we were ranked the “Most Beautiful College” by Newsweek in 2012. And yes, our student/teacher ratio is a remarkable 13 to 1. But what about lesser-known trivia and traditions? Here are 10 things about PUC that you probably didn’t know, and you’ll be smarter for knowing.

1. Please Remain Calm…

It’s not uncommon to find new students ducking for cover during the first few days of school, specifically on weekdays at noon. They’re just acclimating to the air raid siren that is a regular occurrence on campus. Fortunately, it doesn’t have anything to do with natural disasters or World War II invasions. It’s simply PUC’s way of letting you know it’s lunchtime! The local emergency services use it as well, as a way to let the volunteers know that they’re needed. So it’s sort of like a dinner bell/bat signal.

2. We’re Old School

PUC was founded in 1882; however it wasn’t always in Angwin. Originally PUC was located about an hour away in Healdsburg and called Healdsburg College. It wasn’t until 1909 that the college moved to Angwin and was renamed Pacific Union College. We don’t have anything funny to tell you about this…

3. We’re #1!

According to College Prowler, PUC has the number one rated intramurals program in the country! Intramurals is one of the fastest ways to get involved and meet new people while staying fit. We offer flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, as well as some less traditional options like pickleball, flag football, and kickball. We’ve even gone as far as to play donkey basketball!


4. Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

As of October 2013, there were 1,326 active student jobs on campus filled by 833 unique students, since some have more than one job. That’s a little over half of our entire student body that is currently working on campus. But you know what they say – Mo money, mo problems.

5. Corn or Flour?

We aren’t sure exactly how it started, but it’s been a tradition at PUC for many years to throw tortillas in the air during the graduation ceremony. Bring some cheese and make a quesadilla while you wait!


6. Let Freedom Ring

When the school moved to Angwin in 1909, they made sure to bring a few things with them. Among the precious school heirlooms was the original college bell, and legend has it that the bell is the nephew of the famous Liberty Bell. It’s a tradition for seniors to ring the bell when they finish their last final. That’s why, during finals week, you will frequently hear the old Healdsburg Bell ringing throughout the day (along with the soft weeping of students who still have more finals left).

7. We’re Growing!

We started the 2013-2014 school year with the highest enrollment we’ve had in 24 years, which is pretty great! We have 1,678 awesome students on our campus this year and couldn’t be happier.

8. Money, Money, Money

For the 2013-2014 school year, PUC awarded students over $36 million in financial aid; $14 million of that amount was given in institutional scholarships, grants, and discounts. Most ATMs hold around $20,000, so that’s like 1,800 ATMs! We told you this blog would teach you some amazing things.

9. Darth Rieger

Bearing a striking resemblance to Darth Vader’s helmet, the Rieger organ in the PUC Church stands about 50 feet tall and has over 4,700 pipes. It’s one of the biggest mechanical tracker action pipe organs on the west coast, and it’s worth about $1.5 million (roughly a quarter of the cost of an Imperial Star Destroyer).

Organ 1

10. Winter Games

One time a student skied down to the cafeteria. We’d tell you more, but that’s all we know.

So there you have it: 10 things that you never knew you needed to know about PUC. Stay tuned if you ever wondered what’s down in the steam tunnels!

Meet The PUC Admissions Blog Team

Now that you’ve found our blog, it would only be polite for you to learn a little bit
about the people writing for it! The four of us will be the main writers of the PUC
Admissions blog, but we are also looking forward to having some student and
faculty guest bloggers every once in a while!

Brennan Puiia

Dear Readers,Brennan Photo

My name is Brennan Puiia, I’m a contributing writer to this blog as well as several other publications including the Old Farmer’s Almanac, PUC emails and the occasional margins in church bulletins. In 1999, as a sixth grader, I took the year off to search for the true meaning of life which ended up being Pokemon. I then resumed my education and graduated from PUC in 2011 with Public Relations and Journalism. I’m in my third year as an Enrollment Counselor and cosmonaut trainee.

In my free time I read, make excuses for not having time to write, and watch sports. I’m also in the market for an orange tabby.

My favorite place at PUC is Grainger Lobby. During my time in the dorm I had many existential conversations and favorite sports moments. Sunday morning fantasy football over French toast sticks and waffles. My keyboard still sticks from mixing the two.

Dana Negro

Hi! I’m Dana Negro.Dana Photo

After graduating PUC in 2010 with a BS in Public Relation/Journalism and a minor in
Business I started working in Enrollment Services. Currently I’m the Communications
Specialist for Enrollment Services and Public Relations. My days consist of Tweeting,
Facebooking, Instagraming, blogging and lots of other fun things!

When I’m not working you will find me in the city cheering on the SF Giants or the SJ Sharks or traipsing around PUC’s beautiful 40 acres with my crazy little French Bulldog puppy Stella.

My favorite place on campus is The Grind, which is now called the Pacific Café. It’s the
campus coffee shop located in the Campus Center. I spent a ton of time there doing
homework, watching games and hanging out with my favorite people.

Jordan Thornburgh

Hey there! My name is Jordan Thornburgh.Jordan Photo

I graduated from PUC in 2012 with a BS in Communication, and I couldn’t stay away. So I came back and started working for Enrollment Services as an Enrollment Counselor. Now I get to spend my days talking with students who want to come to PUC, whether that’s here on campus or anywhere in the country.

I’m from Southern California, so I love the Dodgers and being around the ocean. I try to fill my spare time with music, writing, sailing, and running to undo the damage of my girlfriend’s amazing cooking. I also play a mean game of ping pong…

My favorite spot at PUC is the running track when it’s late at night and the stars are out above the trees. I used to run there every night when I was a student here, and it’s still my favorite place to get away from it all for a little while.

Larissa Church

Hey guys!Larissa Photo

My name is Larissa Church and my journey with Enrollment Services starts in 1999, when I was hired to help file and answer phones as an eighth grader. Many years later, I’m finishing my third year as an Enrollment Counselor after graduating from PUC with degrees in English Writing and American History and obtaining my Technical Writing certificate from San Francisco State University. I love traveling all over the country and talking with students about what they want to do with their lives.

Out of the office, I spend my time reading, cooking with my husband, and playing with our two rabbits, Tuna and Margaux.

My favorite place at PUC is Irwin Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus. Photos from PUC’s first few graduating classes line the first floor hallway, and you can just feel the school’s history throughout it.