Welcome to Campus!

JRRogersOn behalf of the faculty, staff, and students at Pacific Union College, I want to welcome all the new students to our campus!


It’s been a long road but you’re finally here! The Enrollment team and I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to work with each of you over this past year, and we couldn’t be more proud. The best part of our job, and what makes our crazy travel schedules worth it, is getting to know you. The personal connections we have with each of you make us invested in you and we’re excited to see the difference you’ll make to our PUC community these next four years.

As you begin to arrange your dorm room and get acquainted with your fellow classmates and the campus, please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it! Your deans and RAs are great resources, as is the Class of 2018 Facebook group. You will meet your advisor this week as well, and they will be your main resource for making sure you’re on track to complete your degree. Lastly, your Financial Counselor will be your lifeline as you navigate through finances.

Here are a few links to a few helpful things as you prepare to land on-campus:

The schedule for New Student Orientation
A map of PUC’s campus
PUC’s mobile app, available for iPhones and iPads only

I want to personally thank you for being an amazing class and allowing us the pleasure of helping you on your journey to PUC. On behalf of the Enrollment office, we wish you the best this year!

God bless,

J.R. Rogers
Director of Recruitment
Enrollment Services
800.862.7080 option 2

Tips for an Organized Dorm Room

By Melissa Setterlund

Around this time of year, most incoming new students have received emails from their deans telling them where and with whom they will be spending the next nine months. This highly anticipated email also comes equipped with a list of things provided in each dorm room and things to remember to bring. (Read the “Your College Packing List” post for a list of suggested items.) When I was an incoming freshman and received that email, I thought to myself, “Great! But now what? What do I do to my room to make it my home away from home?” Our tastes may be completely different and these ideas might not work for you in particular but here are some suggestions to try out in your own dorm room.

Under Bed Storage


My biggest issue is organization. Where was I supposed to put all this stuff I insisted on packing into my car and driving to PUC all the way from Idaho? Luckily, I realized the height of my twin bed in my dorm room could be easily raised or lowered and I adjusted it to the perfect height to fit two large plastic bins underneath. I highly suggest utilizing the space under the bed and using those colorful Target bins to keep things organized. They work great for food and cutlery items; boxes of shoes and boots; scarves, hats, and gloves; and more. You can mix and match sizes and colors with items you don’t use as often in the back.

PUC Dorm 1

Once I had things organized, I really wanted to make my room look good. I went to Napa and stopped at Target to get a couple of accessories. I got short, cheap tension curtain rods and some colored curtains to make the closets look more tasteful. Next, I got a long tension rod and the blackout curtains for the main window. I definitely recommend getting blackout curtains for your room if you need the room to be dark in order to sleep.

PUC Dorm 2

Another thing that helped make the dorm feel more like home was fixing the walls since the all-white, stone block wall really bothered me. I found three black-and-white posters from AllPosters.com for a total of $15 and bought simple frames from Target to fit. My roommate made us two corkboard wall hangings so we used those as well. I used 3M Command Damage-Free Mounting adhesives to hang my frames and they worked great. Of course, no room is complete without pictures of your family, your friends, your pet, and vacation destinations. I also used the 3M adhesives to hang up pictures so that I felt more at home in my room.

My last suggestion would be to personalize your room to you. I have a friend who decorates her room based on the holiday – pumpkins for harvest, turkeys for Thanksgiving, lights and trees for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and summer décor. Another friend of mine puts up Christmas lights year round to give her room a bit of ambiance.

If you’re looking for more tips, follow PUC’s Pinterest board dedicated to Dorm Decoration Ideas.

Your College Packing List

Move In Day

With the start of New Student Orientation only a few weeks away, we imagine you’ve started to pack for the next nine months. We know it can be overwhelming to try to think about all the things you will need throughout the year. Here’s a helpful list of things you probably want to bring with you for your move up to PUC:

Must haves:

  • Air-tight food storage containers
  • Bath towels and other personal toiletries
  • Bedding, including mattress cover
  • Circuit breaker power strip
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Computer and network card
  • Extra blanket
  • Hamper
  • Hangers
  • Headphones
  • Laundry detergent and dryer sheets
  • Quarters for laundry
  • Shower mat
  • Trash can and trash bags

Additional suggested items:

  • Adhesive hooks and strips (that come off cleanly)
  • Air fresheners
  • Bulletin board or dry erase board
  • Decorations, like photos of families and friends
  • Desk lamp
  • Extension cord
  • Magnets, push pins, and / or whiteboard markers
  • Microwave
  • Mini-fridge (must be four cubic feet or less)
  • Rainboots and umbrella
  • Small room fan
  • Small vacuum (not supplied by residence hall)
  • Sports equipment
  • Telephone (optional)

School supplies:

  • 3 hole punch
  • Backpack
  • Binders
  • Calculator
  • Highlighters
  • Index cards
  • Notebook paper
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils and pens
  • Planner
  • Post It Notes
  • Printer and paper
  • Stapler and staples
  • Tape

We definitely recommend you coordinate with your roommate so your room doesn’t end up with duplicates of the same items! For a list of what each residence hall room is already equipped with, as well as a list of residence hall facilities, check the New Students page of our website.

Despite even the best planning however, you may find out you’ve forgotten something invaluable, but don’t worry! Here is a list of stores nearby where you can find everything you need:

  • College Market (Angwin)
  • PUC Bookstore (Angwin)
  • Ace Hardware (Angwin)
  • Safeway (St. Helena)
  • Smiths Pharmacy (St. Helena)
  • Walmart (Napa)
  • Target (Napa)
  • Office Depot (Napa)

We’re getting really excited to have the Class of 2018 on campus, and we hope you’re getting excited too! For more information about Orientation weekend, including the schedule, see the online Start Guide.

Five Departments Every Student Should Know

Starting college can be challenging, but at Pacific Union College, we have great resources in place to help students succeed. Here are five departments at PUC every student should be familiar with:

Nelson Memorial Library

Nelson Memorial Library

In the age of Google, a lot of people think libraries are obsolete, but that’s definitely not the case! At the Nelson Memorial Library, books reside there of course, but also online databases, academic search engines, journal articles, and periodicals. There are also very knowledgeable librarians available to help you navigate these resources. If a book or article you need is at another library, you can borrow it for free through the interlibrary loan program. The library also has a computer lab available for students and free computer printing.


You might not immediately think of the Records office as a go-to place for students, but you would be surprised. Change your major? Contact the Records office. Find your academic advisor? Contact the Records office. Will credits from another college transfer to PUC? Contact the Records office. Want to reserve a classroom in Irwin Hall for a study session? Yep, contact the Records office. Need to track your degree progress? You know it—contact the Records office.

Student Finance

Preparing for college can be confusing enough without throwing finances into the mix. Thankfully, our five Financial Counselors are here to help. If you have questions about how to fill out the FAFSA, learning about the differences between a subsidized and unsubsidized loans, or finding out how many hours per week you can reasonably work to help pay your school bill, the Student Finance office can talk with you about your specific situation.

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) offers free group tutoring Sunday through Thursday for more than 25 different courses, ranging from business to languages to science. Most lower-division GE courses have tutoring options available. If you’re struggling with a class but don’t see a tutoring option available, talk with the helpful TLC staff and they can set you up with a small group or an individual tutor. There’s also a writing lab available to students who would like input and direction on writing papers—take advantage of this service!

For those with learning disabilities, be sure to contact the Disabilities Support Service Coordinator in the TLC when you are on campus.

Career and Counseling Center

Some of you may not have figured out what you want to study, and we’re here to tell you it’s okay to be undecided! Our Career and Counseling Center has a career counselor who loves talking with students about career options as well as resume preparation, interview skills, and more.

For those in need of personal counseling (for whatever reason), PUC’s caring, qualified counselors are available to talk with you.

Let’s Talk Social Media

Back when I started college, MySpace was basically the only social media anyone bothered to use. Facebook still required a college email to log in, Twitter barely existed and most cell phones didn’t have cameras—so you know Instagram was still a thing of the distant future.

My point in telling you this is not to reveal how ancient I am but to show you how, in such a SHORT time (I’m not that old!), social media has taken over! Before, the biggest thing you needed to worry about was whose “top 8” you were in, but now there are real issues users face since more and more organizations look at a potential applicant’s social media during the hiring process.

As the Communications Specialist at PUC, I’ve gone from a casual MySpace user to having every kind of social media you can think of, so let’s talk about some do’s and don’ts for social media as you begin your college career and start preparing for the real world.

Don’t—get into arguments in the comment sections! It’s great (preferable in fact) to have an opinion, but always try to keep things civil.

Do—engage brands. Reach out to them professionally with complaints, accolades or suggestions.

Don’t—send mass invites to your friends to play FarmVille or Candy Crush!

Do—change your privacy settings to require your approval before you can be tagged in anything.

Don’t—post negative things about classmates, teachers or co-workers.

Do—avoid politically charged topics where conversations can easily escalate.

Don’t—be a social media bully.

Do—be smart about what photos you post.

Do—treat your own social media presence like a personal brand, as if your college and future employer are your customers. Double-check your posts for things as simple as grammar and spelling errors.

Do—follow PUC’s social media accounts for real-time information, and check out our social media directory to see what clubs and departments on-campus have a social media presence. Here’s a list of the College’s official accounts:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pacificunioncollege
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pucnow
Instagram: http://instagram.com/pucnow
Pioneer Pete: http://instagram.com/pioneer_pete
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pucedu/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/puccollege

The Basics of Your WebAdvisor Account

I’m sure you’ve heard your Enrollment Counselor talk about WebAdvisor, or you may have read about it in your acceptance packet or in various emails from the Admissions office. However, some of you might not have a clue what WebAdvisor actually is or how to use it. This is for you!

WebAdvisor is the program you’ll use to register for classes, check grades, and communicate with your advisor. (If you haven’t set your account up yet, go to webadvisor.puc.edu to get started and click “Create New Account.”) It will become a big part of your life as a PUC student, and this post will help you understand the basics.

WebAdvisor Opening Screen

This is the homepage of your WebAdvisor account. There are several important things you’re able to get to from this screen:

  • Update your current mailing address (Click “Address Change”)
  • Check whether you’re financially cleared (Click “Financial aid status by term”)
  • Check what documents the Admissions, Health Services, and Student Finance offices have received for you (Click “My Documents”)
  • See whether you have any holds on your account (Click “View Restrictions”)
  • Register for classes* (Click “Search / Register for Sections”)
  • Order your textbooks from the PUC Bookstore (Click “Order Textbooks”)
  • View what classes you’re currently registered for (Click “My class schedule”)
  • Change your major (Click “Academic Program Change Request”)
  • Register your car and get a PUC parking permit (Click “Online Vehicle Registration”)

*Note: All incoming freshmen must register for their fall quarter classes with their Enrollment Counselor.

WebAdvisor My Documents

Clicking “My Documents” on the homepage takes you to this screen, where you can see exactly what documents have been received and if any are missing for the Admissions, Health Services, and Student Finance offices.

WebAdvisor Order Textbooks

Clicking “Order Textbooks” on the homepage takes you to this screen, where you can order your textbooks from the PUC Bookstore.

Note: Required books are necessary for each class, while recommended texts are suggested by your professor to enhance your understanding of a subject.

If you have any problems with your WebAdvisor account, contact our IT Department at helpdesk@puc.edu or at 707.965.7000.

What’s There to Do at PUC?

By Melissa Khoury
Student Association Social Vice President

Aside from being one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed colleges for its beauty, academia, and faith, PUC offers its students with countless numbers of social activities to participate in, both on- and off-campus. The campus is always busy with events that range from open mic nights to service projects, and students’ social calendars are always full.

Stay Active

Our school is well known for its outstanding intramurals program, where student can form teams and compete against each other in various sports like indoor soccer, flag football, basketball, badminton, and so many more. Check out Coach Paulson’s “Fire It Up!” blog post on this topic. PUC also has several varsity teams: We have basketball and cross country for both men and women, as well as men’s soccer and women’s volleyball.

Get Involved with Clubs

There’s also a wide range of campus clubs at PUC – from the Chemistry club, the Korean Club to the World Missions Club – that give students an opportunity to meet other students who have the same interests. These clubs sponsor events year round that keep students engaged, such as pre-vespers events and getaways to Yosemite and Tahoe.

Every year REVO raises money for various charities by hosting a color run, fashion show, rummage sale, and other events.

Every year REVO raises money for various charities by hosting a color run, fashion show, rummage sale, and other events.

Weekly Student Association Events

Every Saturday night, the Student Association also hosts events, either on-campus or somewhere off the hill. Be sure to keep an eye out this year for events like bowling, line dancing, concerts, outdoor movie nights, open mic nights, and many others!

The annual SA Talent Show is one of the events students look forward to the most.

The annual SA Talent Show is one of the events students look forward to the most.

Enjoy Angwin’s Beauty

This is only the beginning of some of the many on-campus activities available. Students often spend their free time on weekends going on scenic hikes or biking in PUC’s extensive back property or to places like nearby Linda Falls.

Explore the Local Area

If the hill doesn’t provide enough social life for you, students can venture to the nearby beautiful city of St. Helena or Napa Valley where there’s no shortage of restaurants or shops. For students who want a break from the quiet Napa Valley, San Francisco is just a short drive away and offers all the excitement of a big city.

From the countless number of events both on- and off-campus, PUC provides its students with an outstanding social life. PUC is a unique place where students can not only thrive academically, but additionally a place where they can grow individually and build a strong community amongst the student body by getting involved.​ No matter what you’re interested in, you will likely be able to find it at PUC along with a great group of friends to enjoy it with!

Make sure you “Like” the PUC Student Association Facebook page to keep updated on all your SA has planned for you.